Mental Health Ambassador Programme

Normal Magic deliver their Mental Health Ambassador Programmes to staff in education and school children in years 5 and 6 as well as to students across years 7 – 10.

Our comprehensive training is delivered over two days with at least one term between each day.

The first day introduces school staff, children and young people to mentally healthy living; help seeking behaviours; self regulation and self soothing, alongside how their role might compliment the schools active mental health strategy. Tasks are designed together to contribute to mentally healthy living, loving and learning in the school environment.

The second day starts off by reviewing the progress of tasks from day 1 and show case the ripple effect of the programme. The core of day 2 takes school staff, the children and young people into a train the trainer model. This aims to ensure the Mental Health Ambassador Programme has the opportunity to become a self sustained programme within the school, with roll out plans to train the next welcomed group of Mental Health Ambassadors.

We welcome your contact to explore this fun, engaging, interactive, experiential learning programme further and consider together any exciting possibilities of bringing Mental Health Ambassadors to life in your school community. 

Please contact our Mental Health Ambassador Lead, Karen at