Single Session Training

Not only are Normal Magic passionate about delivering comprehensive mental health care, we pride ourselves in being at the front line of delivering Single Session Approaches.

Single Session Therapy has been promoted across the mental health world since the 1990’s. Normal Magic have created a specific approach to successfully deliver Single Session Support, inspired by some of the great Single Session thinkers across the globe. Moshe Talman, Michael Hoyt, Windy Dryden and Flavio Cannistra to name just a few.

Normal Magic brings a framework to help clinicians and practitioners to learn the unique skills of this model of clinical care.

We know that it takes more than simply training a staff team to deliver this approach successfully.

That is why our extensive and comprehensive training package starts with the leadership team of any help giving service. Our approach aims to consider the remit of the help giving service, consider the pressures, the gaps, the successes and strengths. It ensures that the aim of the service ambition with Single Session Approaches is clear and in line with best practice. Once a strategic ambition is understood and planned for, the training can begin.

The core elements of the training consists of 2 full days training, followed by practical days across the following 3 months where the model is demonstrated Live by our clinical and practitioner team. Over the course of the year our team provide reflective supervision to allow trainees to share their experiences, raise questions and together review their help seekers feedback.

Why Normal Magic Single Session Training?

Our model has a proven track record of delivery within clinical mental health service delivery and is transferable to all help giving services and roles. This includes mental health services, children’s centres, school nursing and education. We have faith and a belief that all help giving services can benefit. Delivery of the Normal Magic Single Session model can provide help seekers with the help and advice they are seeking at point of need. The ripple effects on waiting lists and help seeker satisfaction is evidenced by our existing work as well as global research.

Many help giving services have pathways of care that can inadvertently bring barriers to change with long waiting lists and lengthy programmes of intervention that many families are unable to access due to school, work and family commitments. With Single Session care, families can access service knowledge, experience and expertise and collaborate a clear action plan that is truly help seeker led.

Single Session approaches do not mean that help seekers can only access one appointment. It means that each session focusses on what is important to the help seeker at that time. Clear action plans bring an organised approach that helps review progress when needed, celebrate strengths and review barriers.

We are all experts of our own unique lives. We know our strengths and our limitations. Normal Magic offers a strength based approach focussing on both the needs of the help seeker and help provider.

We exist in a world where Single Session care for physical health problems are accepted and part of our norms. We believe the same applies when we need care for mental health problems. Our Normal Magic approach aims to build trust, resilience and empowerment. We recognise that there are some physical and mental health problems that need continued care to support recovery, Single Session Approaches does not replace health care, it brings a unique and welcome freshness to the menu of holistic and systemic care.

If you are interested in hearing more and how this might help your service, please contact Sarah Lewis or Steve West for a free exploratory conversation: