GP Surgeries

Normal Magic are commissioned by the Primary Care Networks to provide mental health services for 0-18 year olds direct in GP surgeries.

Our team is made up of registered Mental Health professionals and qualified child focussed family practitioners. We are proud to deliver accessible mental health care and family support with a unique model of service delivery:

  • no threshold
  • no referral system
  • no open or closed care

Our unique method of service provision allows parents, carers and young people to access a wide range of evidenced based advice and support direct in their local health centre, in the home or the community, from Single Session Approaches to longer term support.

Our Normal Magic team have extensive backgrounds and expertise in supporting children, young people and their families, this includes, mentally healthy living, prevention, early intervention and recovery.

We believe in accessible health care at every point of concern. Using person centred care, our initial Personal Wellbeing Conversations pay attention to the mental health need the individual chooses to focus on. Our team is available to consider with help seekers their concerns, their experience of those concerns, the impact of their concerns, their aims, their capacity, their energy for change, their resource. As experienced clinicians and practitioners, we provide evidenced based information, knowledge and experience to aid help seekers consider possibility and take their next steps, ones that are right for them.

Our experience working this way has shown sustained rapid access to mental health care and support and has received celebratory feedback from families, GP’s, surgery teams and wider multi agency partners.

We provide mental health care across the domains of the Anna Freud Thrive model.

We are an evidenced based Talking Therapies Service, (previously known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, IAPT.)

We use creative, experiential and interactive methods to support help-seekers explore self regulation strategies and tune in to their unique sensory story.

We provide Normal Magic Single Session Approaches, evidenced based Single Session Care at point of need and at a pace that works for help seekers.

We provide creative engagement using open spaces and home visits where needed to ensure barriers to access are minimised.

We provide easy to access appointments via the GP and surgery team. Open access to our appointment diaries mean GP’s and surgery staff are able to book families directly and immediately, no referral, discussion or explanation required.

If you are a GP or member of the Primary Care Network and you are interested in hearing more detail about how Normal Magic can develop their service with your surgery community, we welcome your contact. Please contact Sarah Lewis or Steve West direct at:

We look forward to hearing from you.